Moneysaver Monday: Bring back the hankies!

Tissues were introduced to the American consumer (and marketed to women) around 1910 by Kleenex. In “1927, Kleenex advertisements used the phrase ‘for colds, never again use handkerchiefs.'” I say, let’s bring back the handkerchiefs!



My husband had seasonal allergies and used to go through tissues like water. It’s hard to find precise numbers on tissues, but the typical American family uses 2,460 lbs of paper each year, including tissues. Only 10% of that is recycled. When we noticed this wastefulness, we decided to change. We bought handkerchiefs. They cut down on purchases (saved us money!) and reduced the trash pile to almost nil. They’re great for traveling too!

You can find handkerchiefs at any big box store. But the real gems can be found at antique stores or estate sales. I found the pictured hankies at an estate sale this weekend. Oh, there were more. All equally beautiful. They may even be hand embroidered. These will be so cute in my purse. Better than a bulky tissue paper pack. Definitely helpful for watching Harry Potter 7.2. When you’ve used one, just throw it in the wash. I hung these to dry, to preserve their lovely stitching. Husband uses about 1 a day and always has one with him. They get softer over time and he doesn’t miss the tissues at all.

So, won’t you ditch the tissues and try handkerchiefs? You could even make your own with old bandannas or pillowcases.

P.s. Disposable Kleenex hand towels? No, thank you. See 3 wasteful products and their eco alternatives.


Money-saver Monday: Goodwill for the win!

jeansOne of my main post-graduation goals was to go to the Goodwill. (It’s a long list of simple tasks that I’ve put off for the last year and a half.) It had been so long since I went shopping, so it was a real treat.

What a fantastic little trip! I rode the scooter along Summit Lake, which was really nice. I got a little lost, but that’s ok because it was beautiful outside and I didn’t have any other plans. And then, I hit the jackpot at the Goodwill! I found 5 shirts (one pictured), and a new pair of jeans. I don’t usually even try to find jeans, but these were the first ones I picked up and they fit! I thought they might be a little long, but after I washed them, they were perfect. Woohoo! And the whole trip cost less than $18.

Money-saver Monday

Occasionally, we’ll post some of our super money-saving finds in a new “Money-saver Monday” theme. I hope you enjoy. Please share your thriftstore finds too!

There are 2 ways to shop the thrift stores: with a particular item in mind, or on a whim with no expectations. Last week, I went to the Goodwill, just to look around. I had a dress in mind, but wasn’t committed. I started in the dress section, where I found this little black polo dress. It can be dressed up with knee-high books and a great sweater, or dressed down with flats as I plan to do in the summer. $3.99

I also found this little treasure. What a great skirt for brown boots! This is one of my best finds ever. It fits perfectly and looks cute with the brown boots. I plan to wear it this week when the mercury pushes 40. Woohoo! $3.50

Not pictured is a fabulous coral v-neck sweater and scarf set. So cute and perfect for layering. $3.99

What have you found at the thrift stores lately?

(p.s. this post was inspired by ohrenee*designs and her “wear*it Wednesday” series)

Update: prices for clothing are expected to rise this year. Buying at the thrift store makes even more sense!