New (to me) sink

For at least 5 years, the hot water in my bathroom has leaked. So, I just turned it off to save water. But that means I haven’t had hot water for washing my hands and face for 5 years! That’s a long time. I’ve replaced gaskets, seals, and rings, and cleaned every piece of the faucet. Nothing helped.

A few months ago, I decided to end this self-inflicted torture and install a new faucet. I got a cute little faucet from a big box store, which I am no longer patronizing (they know what they did). The faucet reminds me of a bird. It’s so cute. Anyway, the previous homeowner did things his own way, so nothing is standard and I couldn’t replace the faucet myself. Around this same time, I realized that sinks and pedestals are not that expensive. Our sink was gargantuan and our bathroom is tiny. It just didn’t work. So, I decided that I needed a new sink. Hey, it’ll go with the faucet and make the bathroom look normal.

New sinkDetermined not to buy a sink from a big box store, we started looking at the local retailers. Trumbull Supply had a beautiful sink that I really loved, but it was more than $150 and I wasn’t confident that I could install it myself. I kept looking, and finally found one at West Hill Hardware. It’s a used sink, but basically, the homeowner had it installed and decided they didn’t like it, so they sold it to West Hill Hardware. It’s an American Standard sink and it cost me only $60. Woohoo! It really pays to be green, and to reduce/reuse.

Our favorite plumbers, Walter Plumbing, installed the sink and faucet for us. It wasn’t cheap, but they’ve helped us in the past, and the owner is an active member of Plumbers without Borders, so we like to give them our business.

So, my new (to me) sink project was pretty successful. We now have hot water, a reused sink, and we supported local businesses.