Choose your words carefully

Words.When you’re trying to be healthier, you often choose to eliminate certain foods from your diet. To empower yourself and stay motivated, choose your words wisely.

Instead of saying “I can’t eat that,” you can say “I don’t eat that.”

Saying “don’t” instead of “can’t” shows that you made a conscious choice to remove gluten or sugar or meat/dairy from your diet. It puts you in charge. Saying “can’t” indicates that the choice wasn’t yours and that you’re forced to resist those tempting foods. It shows people (and reminds yourself) that you have made a decision to be healthier.

While it can sound a little snooty to say “I don’t eat sugar,” your tone can convey both confidence and caring when you explain that you don’t eat sugar because you don’t like the unnatural spike and crash it causes. You might be able to explain some of your natural substitutes that allow you to give yourself the sweet flavor you love in a healthier way.

How else can words empower you to stick to your goals?

About terra

I live in Akron, OH with my husband, 2 cats and 1 dog. I enjoy travel, vegan cooking, and learning something new every day.

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