Things I love lately

fallI love fall, of course. Oranges and browns are in. It’s jacket weather. And boots! Fall is the perfect time to enjoy walks outside, and then come home to warm apple cider and snuggle in for a movie.

Some other things I love lately…

Ginger tea

When I landed in Prague this spring, my friend made me the best ginger tea. It was just sliced ginger root in boiling water with honey. It was so warming and spicy-sweet. Lately, I’ve been looking at the Ayurveda tradition, and one recommendation is for my body type to drink ginger tea. Ok! I’ve been making a mug of ginger tea the same way in the morning. It reminds me of Prague and it’s good for me too. Ginger has so many benefits, from digestive to muscular, and possibly preventing cancer and cholesterol. I just love the taste, so I’ll take the other benefits as a bonus.

Fit in Five workouts

While my (near) daily yoga routine is fantastic, it’s also important to have a little variety. So, as much as it hurts, I’m trying to change my workout at little. I got the Zombies, Run! 5k app last week for only $4 and it was so fun! Seriously awesome. But, it’s too dark to run from zombies in the morning, so I’m doing the Fit in Five workouts with Joel Harper. They’re a great way to wake up before yoga, or to get my body moving in the morning. And they’re only 5 minutes. We all have 5 minutes, right?


My husband and I just love getting fresh pie pumpkins in the fall and roasting them in the oven. Our pumpkins come from Amish country, and they just feel better than canned, you know? We’ve made pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin oatmeal, pumpkin dip, pumpkin balls, pumpkin smoothies. You name it, we’ve pumpkin-ed it. And pumpkin is really good for you. Pumpkin seeds have iron, and the pumpkin itself has antioxidants, B vitamins, flavonoids, and minerals. What’s your favorite pumpkin dish?

My favorite recipes of the month

This guy

English Bulldog puppy! What is he talking about?


About Terra Milo

Terra Milo is Your Computer Girl. She believes that technology runs on energy, so when you're creating websites and emails, you are literally sending energy to your potential clients. Make sure that energy is confident, positive, and enlightening! Terra teaches coaches and entrepreneurs all the computer skills they need to launch their business and spread their mission in the world. From websites to newsletters to social media, she will empower you with skills and confidence so you can infuse your messages with inspiration and love.

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