Thinking outside the box (Or, The importance of a good nap)

Our cat Lemon is, to put it lightly, severely bossy. He will stomp around for hours, screaming about one thing or another. Literally, hours! And not meowing… screaming. Maybe he wants to go outside (which is not allowed), or he needs us to watch him eat. Whatever. His demands are varied and specific. And they must be met immediately, or we will face his wrath.

We’ve actually taken him to a behaviorist who said he has anxiety. Our vet calls every once in a while to check on him because she knows he doesn’t let us sleep at night (Dr. O’Connor at Highland Veterinary Clinic is the best!). We have tried every solution you can think of, but the stomping and screaming continues.

The solution… a heated blanket! Lemon loves to lay in the sun and be warm, but, as we’ve told him countless times, that’s not always possible. Last year, we bought him a heated blanket. No one else in the house has a heated blanket. Just Lemon. And it really works! He calms down and goes to sleep. He will even snuggle with Imogen, which was previously unthinkable. Lesson: sometimes it pays to think way outside the box when you’re trying to solve a problem.

Last week, he was having a particularly vicious tantrum and we gave him a calming treat, turned on the blanket, and he took a four-hour nap! When he woke, he came around and gave everyone a snuggle and a purr. All he needed was a good nap.

P.S. He is actually the sweetest boy ever and I love him to pieces. But seriously, he can be a little monster.

October 2012

Are you a monster when you don’t get to sleep?


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3 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box (Or, The importance of a good nap)

    • Haha! It was a revelation that took 9 years to manifest. Maybe we got good sleep one night and were able to think clearly!

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