Our very old knives recently became very dull. It happens. So, I went to Facebook to ask for recommendations for a new set of knives. My smart friend Stephanie suggested I get them sharpened. Of course! That’s the “reduce” thing to do. So, we packed up the knife set and brought it to the Highland Square Farmer’s Market on Thursday to get them sharpened. Turns out, we have a vintage set of good quality knives that just needed a little help.

It only cost $38 for all  5 knives, and they were done by the time we finished wandering around Highland Square (20 minutes). That’s much better for us and the environment than getting a new set.

Kevin Noon of Noon Sharpening and Wood Working (“the environmentally friendly sharpener”) did great work for us on his old foot-pedal sharpener.

farmer's market

P.S. When I got them home and made dinner, I didn’t cut myself, but I did pour boiling water on my arm. Ouch! (I’m ok, just very clutzy.)


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One thought on “Sharpener

  1. And I love the idea that getting the knifes sharpened the ole fashion way helps put some good ole fashion $$$ in the pocket of someone who needs it. Good job Terra.

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