Costa Rica – Animals

One reason we wanted to go to Costa Rica was to see the animals in their native habitat. The first animals we saw were dogs. We’ve seen street dogs before, or, as we call them, busy dogs. (In Greece, all the dogs looked like they had somewhere important to go… they were very busy.) The Costa Rican dogs weren’t exactly busy. They were normally following a person, or hanging out around someone’s house. We’re just not sure any of these dogs have a home indoors. Fortunately, there are organizations working to help find homes and educate people about owning dogs, and try to promote spay and neuter programs.

At our hotel, we saw tons of hummingbirds. They were really having a good time finding food and chasing tourists.

One of our tours went through the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge. On our way to the refuge, we stopped at a restaurant that is surrounded by iguanas in the trees. The iguanas climb to the tallest limbs to lay in the sun. There were tons of them – our guide said 400 iguanas live in the trees near that restaurant.


Also at the iguana restaurant, we saw a toucan seeding a palm fruit. He was so beautiful, and purposeful. The birds help spread seeds of the fruits and plants that we all enjoy.


At the wildlife refuge, we saw howler monkeys, Capuchin monkeys, and even spider monkeys. They were all hanging out together.

We saw a few caiman. Really you can just see their eyes, peeking above the surface of the water.

There’s a lizard called the Jesus Christ lizard, because it walks on water. It’s actually called a basilisk, but Jesus Christ lizard is funnier. This photo shows him getting a running start. (this is muddy ground, but they really can run on water)

We didn’t see a sloth at the wildlife refuge, and we were sad to leave Costa Rica without seeing this amazing animal. However, on our way out of La Fortuna, our fantastic driver spotted one and pulled over so we could see it and take pictures.



About Terra Milo

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2 thoughts on “Costa Rica – Animals

  1. Wow. You all did very well as far as wildlife spotting on your trip, especially three species of monkeys. Costa Rica may be one of the most bio diverse spots on the planet and many national parks and protected areas – but many times those animals just don’t want to be seen or they’re very well camouflaged.

    Hiring a guide familiar with animal behavior and habitat is a great way to see wildlife. And sometimes just sitting in one spot on the trail for 20 minutes will yield a sighting as well.

    • Yes, it was so exciting and really made the trip special. Our guide was fantastic. She really loved her job, and loved sharing Costa Rica with us.

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