Costa Rica

I spent last weekend in Costa Rica with my darling husband. We wanted to go south and several things about Costa Rica appealed to us. It was a fantastic trip. We saw all kinds of animals and plants, and learned a lot about the culture of a country with 40% protected land, no military, and vast fruit and coffee plantations.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has at least 5 ecosystems and two seasons – the rainy season and the dry season. It’s currently the rainy season, so it rains every day. We were in La Fortuna, in the rain forest, and we certainly saw our share of rain. It doesn’t seem to bother people there… they just go about their days like it’s nothing. It’s also a little foggy and chilly during the rainy season, especially in the cloud forest. We weren’t exactly prepared for that, so we were a little chilly. It only rained one full day, so the weather didn’t ruin our plans at all. But everything was damp. All the time.

Costa Rica

You can tell it rains a lot there because everything is green and huge. The flowers were incredible and all the crops (banana, mango, coffee, guanabana, papaya, sugar cane, papaya, pineapple) have long growing seasons.

“It’s like Dr. Seuss land!” – Mr not terror

Costa Rica
I think my favorite flower was the bird of paradise (below). It’s just fascinating that it can look like a colorful bird. Speaking of birds, the hummingbirds were dive-bombing us as we walked to breakfast.

We were surprised that there were so few mosquitoes. We brought our lavender oil and it worked out because apparently, there aren’t many mosquitoes during the rainy season. So, if you want to go to Costa Rica and travel mosquito-free, go in May or June.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to 5 volcanoes. Volcanoes leave fertile soil in their wake, even after their destruction. That may be why the fruit tastes so good there. La Fortuna lays at the foot of the Arenal Volcano, now a resting volcano after being active for more than 40 years. Arenal blew her top in 1968, burying three villages and killing 87 people.

Volcano Arenal

I’ll post more about the people, animals, and of course, the food later this week.


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One thought on “Costa Rica

  1. I hope you had a chance to enjoy some that tropical fruit. It not only grows well – it tastes awesome. And with all the farmers’ markets and fruit stands in Costa Rica, it’s easy to get fresh fruit anytime, anywhere. And it’s cheap too. Pineapples are $1 or less. Or get 6 pounds of mango for just $2 – that’s when the trees are heavy with fruit, of course.

    On the weather. Yes, Costa Rica is a tropical country. But when you get into the higher altitudes it can actually get quite cool at night.

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