Our “little” garden

Anyone out there renting? We are, and one of our biggest worries was that we would not be able to start gardening until we owned our own home. However, with a little creativity and a some hard work, we were able to create a little place to practice and grow some grub!

20120509-105007.jpgWe turned one of the flower beds on the side of our house into a garden. So far we have planted Swiss chard, collard greens, Brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli, romaine and kale, and we plan to add more as soon as we have our last frost.

Everything is looking so amazing right now. (to the right is the spinach we grew from seeds!)

Since this is our first time doing a garden, we were a little scared to start straight from the seeds so we did a mix of both seeds and seedlings. We bought heirloom seeds through the Seed Savers Exchange. If you aren’t familiar with what heirloom plants are, you should definitely check them out. Our seedlings are from a mix of different places, some were gifts from my husband’s parents and others we picked up from a few different stores. What’s so awesome (and surprising) is that our seeds are what really have taken off!

The beginning (left).     A week ago (right). Look at that growth!











< Yummy kale

Living in an apartment complex or somewhere else where garden is simply not an option? Check out these vertical gardens! Such a great idea… all you need is somewhere to hang it!


6 thoughts on “Our “little” garden

  1. I love this! We are renting, and have been told by our landlords that we may have a garden, but the condo board won’t let us. I like these creative ideas! Regardless of the fact that we cannot have a proper garden outside, posts like this encourage my creativity.
    Thank you so much!
    Veggiewitch ♥

  2. Thank you for your kind words! I loved the vertical garden idea too.. just be sure to keep it watered. Since it is hanging a lot of the excess water will drain out so it may dry out sooner then a garden in the ground would.

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