The Oil Cleansing Method

SunflowerI have a real passion for healthy skin. In fact, I often compliment people for having nice skin.

For years now, I have been on a quest to find the best products to help our biggest organ look its best. Some products have worked great.. others.. well I wish I could have that money back.

As part of my new year’s resolution, I have slowly started to move towards only using natural stuff. So after changing my cleaning products, tooth paste, shampoo, etc.. it came time for my skincare. Why, you ask? Think about all the harmful chemicals they put into lotion and skin care.. a lot of people do not realize they all get soaked into the body through the skin. No thank you!

After a trip to our local natural health food store I thought I landed a winner. However, my experience was less than hoped. I have roscea so my skin constantly looks irritated if I am not using the right products, well after two trips to the store I was still at a loss. That was until I discovered a pin on pinterest linking to this blog post.

The Oil Cleansing Method

I know what you are thinking, “Are you crazy?” or “Who would want to add oil to their face?”. Well after trying it, I can tell you who.. this girl! My skin has never looked better. In fact, after washing my face with it, you can’t even tell that I am not wearing make up (aka no redness at all).

The blog I looked at used this recipe:

  • Normal Skin- One part castor oil with one part sunflower oil
  • Oily Skin- 2-3 parts castor oil with one part sunflower oil
  • Dry Skin- one part castor oil with 2-3 parts sunflower oil


Moisten skin with the oil mixture, place a warm cloth over your face until you feel it cool and then wipe off. Sometimes if my skin is feeling extra dry, I will put more on and let it soak in while I sleep.

Some of the other places I researched used different oils other than sunflower oil like jojoba, almond, argon, olive, grapeseed.. the list goes on. Sunflower was easy for me to find at the store and so far has worked perfectly!


15 thoughts on “The Oil Cleansing Method

  1. Thanks Britt! I’m going to try this tonight. My skin is so dry right now, but it gets oily in the summer. It’s nice to be able to make my own cleanser based on MY skin type, and be able to change it without shelling out $15-30 each time.

  2. I actually do this already! It’s so good for your skin! I was planning on doing a post about it, but seems you already beat me to it 😉 I use sunflower and castor oil with some tea tree essential oil. It works like a dream!

    • I just tried it and my skin already feels nice. Good idea to add tea tree oil! I have “troubled” skin, so the tea tree oil would probably help.

  3. I’m lucky with good skin, my mother too had very pretty skin. I’m still going to do this trick though. I believe in make good better. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So, on my run this morning I was thinking about the oil cleanse. I think everyone on both sides have good skin. Your Oma, your aunt both have beautiful skin. Mmmm, maybe they had this secret 😉

  5. Yes, Terra, this sounds crazy but I too have “troubled skin” and am always willing to try something new especially a natural, non-chemical treatment. I’m going to give it a try. Thanks!

    • I’m really happy with it. And I like that I can make small doses because my skin changes with the seasons. So far, I think my skin looks better. Let us know how it works out. : )

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    • I’ve been using sunflower and castor oil for a few weeks and my skin is so much happier! I hope it works for you too. 🙂

  7. Sweet almond oil has been my “go to” moisturizer for a long time … and my mascara remover … and my dry-hand cure. If I can actually use it as a face wash too, I might be down to just one skin cleanser/product! 🙂 Love this idea, thank you!

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