A traveling vegan

I love to travel. It’s become an addiction, but one I can feel good about because it offers me a chance to learn new things, see new places, and experience new cultures. When I became a vegan, I worried that it would be difficult to travel, especially to Europe.

Last week, I visited my good friend in the Czech Republic. I’ve been there before, but this time, my strict “no dairy” rule was going to make eating a little more difficult. Not to fear, my friend did some research and found some wonderful vegetarian restaurants, and we ate a few meals at her house to save money. I’d like to highlight a few of the delicious food options.


Laibon restaurant in Český Krumlov offered a wide selection of vegetarian meals that were easily veganized by removing the sour cream or cheese options. I had dhal with sauerkraut. Kraut is a staple in this part of Europe, and I was just tickled that they added it to a traditional Indian dish, so I couldn’t resist. It was delicious! My friend almost had to take my fork away so I would stop eating.

Dobré čajovna

The Dobré čajovna is a tea bar throughout Czech Republic. We went there to warm up and have a nice plate of hummus with vegetables and pita. A perfect snack after wandering the cobblestone streets of Prague.

Middle Eastern food

I went to Karlovy Vary, a Russian spa town, with no real plans for food. I was starving when I arrived, so I went on a hunt for a plant-based meal. Fortunately, I found a Tehranian restaurant. Middle Eastern restaurants are normally a safe bet because of their dietary rules. There are always fresh, delicious vegetarian options at Middle Eastern restaurants. After professing my deepest apologies for this incident, I enjoyed stuffed grape leaves and a small salad along with a wonderful conversation with the Iranian chef and owner.


Raw cheesecake

Wow. Just wow. Maitrea is a vegetarian restaurant in the middle of Prague. The warm, peaceful atmosphere only enhances the delicious food. There were vegetarianized versions of Czech food, and a variety of other ethnic food offerings. I had the black bean burrito with vanilla soymilk. For dessert, raw cheesecake with strawberry sauce. I can’t say enough good things about this place.

Loving Hut

An international chain of vegan (that’s right, vegan!) restaurants, the Loving Hut offers a buffet or a menu full of vegan options. Most meals originate in Asia, but they even had vegan chocolate cake. I had to get it, just because I could! This was such a fun restaurant, and I’m glad it was in the mall so that more people can enjoy healthy vegan options.


About Terra Milo

Terra Milo is Your Computer Girl. She believes that technology runs on energy, so when you're creating websites and emails, you are literally sending energy to your potential clients. Make sure that energy is confident, positive, and enlightening! Terra teaches coaches and entrepreneurs all the computer skills they need to launch their business and spread their mission in the world. From websites to newsletters to social media, she will empower you with skills and confidence so you can infuse your messages with inspiration and love. www.terramilo.com

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