Mushroom solution


Oyster mushrooms

It turns out that diapers are nearly as bad for the environment as styrofoam. They take centuries to biodegrade. But, scientists may have found a solution… oyster mushrooms! Oyster mushrooms grown on soiled diapers break down 90% of the diaper in just 2 months. (The mushrooms can be eaten, but I’m not sure even I would go that far.)

Oyster mushrooms were tested because of the other things they grow on – straw, coffee grounds, tequila-making leftovers, and more. They seem to just want to grow somewhere. Why not diapers?

The mushrooms don’t need to be edible to make this a valuable discovery. The fact that they can break down the diapers is worthwhile.


More about mushrooms

Mushrooms pictured here were grown from used coffee grounds. Check out to get your own mushroom growing kit.

Lifehacker helpfully tells us how to tell if a wild mushroom is safe to eat.


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