Recipe Friday: Impromptu Pesto

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Impromptu Pesto: carrot greens, basil, spinach

We recently switched from baby carrots to whole carrots and at Krieger, they sell them with the greens on top. Whenever they sell the veggies with the greens on top (beets, radishes, etc), I kinda figure the greens are edible. Sure enough, I looked online and found plenty of recipes for carrot greens. Then, …

On Sunday night, we wanted some pesto, but we didn’t have a lot of basil. We did have spinach and carrot tops. So, we altered this recipe a little. We toasted some pine nuts and sautéed the garlic cloves (I don’t like the strong garlicy taste, so I sauté the garlic just a little to calm it down). Then, we added 2 cups of greens – basil, carrot tops, and spinach – to the food processor. A little olive oil … a pinch of salt … Tada ~ Pesto!

This pesto is so yummy! The basil flavor really carries through, and the carrot tops add just a little “green” flavor, but not too much. Next time you have a craving for pesto, find some greens and improvise.


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