Girl Scout Cookies and Palm Oil

This morning I came across a fabulous article in the Huffington Post that discusses girl scout cookies and the use of palm oil in them. The makers of girl scout cookies in Britain have omitted palm oil from their cookie recipe and have replaced it with a much healthier and earth friendly option, olive oil.  Girl scouts across our country who have learned of how they’re clear-cutting orangutan habitats for palOil for ape scandal - report imagesm oil are urging  America’s Girl Scout bakers to do the same.

For those of you not aware of palm oil and its harmful effects on orangutan’s please see the excerpt from terra’s previous post on terra, not terror:

“Orangutans are truly beautiful apes that live in SE Asia, and we share 96.4% of our DNA with them. Their habitat is threatened by clear cutting and other sprawl. One reason their rain forests are being destroyed is to plant palm plantations for use in food, etc.”

Please support the Girl Scouts of America in making this change. Not only will it save some orangutans, it may even help your waistline! They will be cookies you can feel good about.. now how often can you say that? 🙂


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