The Weekly Savor- Little changes you can make to be more eco saavy

Since coming to the blog, I am finding that I am even more in tune to things I could be doing to help minimize my negative touch on the environment. Here are a couple things I have come up with over the week that we all can improve on!

Plastic Lids and Straws– If you are at a restaurant and order a drink, don’t use a straw or lid. You would be surprised how much plastic we could save if everyone did this! Need more of a reason than to just save plastic? Straws are one of the reasons people develop wrinkles around the mouth… not fun

Plastic Bags for Dog Poop–  I have always tried to convince my parents not to clean up dog poop with plastic bags by  making the joke that someday in the future their grandkids will be playing in fields full of poop-filled plastic bags. Props to them for making sure they reuse their plastic but that doesn’t get rid of the bag…it just turns them into modern tumbleweeds filled with yucky-ness!  There are two solutions to this problem, biodegradable bags and reusable bags. Grossed out by reusable bags? Just dump their contents into the toilet!

Buying produce at the grocery store– As I was at the grocery store this week, it occurred to me how much plastic bags are used to carry around produce. My sister-in-law shared these with me and I’ve been sold ever since! (look around the site, they have some really awesome products!)

This next one may cross some comfort zones but an interesting thought…

Pads and Tampons- I know, I know ew.. especially if you’re a guy, but has anyone ever considered how much waste comes with using them? Here is a solution I found after doing some research. Still not accustomed to the idea but I’d be willing to try if meant less waste!

Just some ideas, I’ll share more with you as they come 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Weekly Savor- Little changes you can make to be more eco saavy

  1. I love this post and your ideas/web finds. Definitely made a mental note about those produce bags. I agree, totally a waste with all those flimsy green plastic bags at the store.

    And HOW did I not know you had a blog?! I’m gonna be here a while catching up on your posts. 🙂

  2. Those flip & tumble grocery bags are so cool! I just let my produce roll around in the cart. I’m gonna wash it when I get home anyway. Exceptions: mushrooms and sometimes greens (depending on my mood).

    They have the Diva Cup at Mustard Seed. I tried it. Most people really like it.

    Renee, I quit the blog for a few years but my friend Britt inspired me to start back up. You inspired me too! I love love love your thrift store finds!

  3. Thanks for the great ideas! (I think the link for your biodegradable bags might be broken though)

    I love my produce bags – they are fantastic because they’re machine washable and you can still see through the bags so you know what’s inside!

    And this is now the second time recently that I’ve heard about the Diva Cup. I have a friend that uses it and she swears by it…I think it might be worth a try! 🙂

  4. Kate 🙂 The link is with petsmart… I was able to pull it up but was having trouble at first. If you still find you are having trouble, google biodegradable pet waste bags and you would be shocked how much comes up. I just chose the petsmart ones because a lot of people shop there and I like to show how easy it is to shop green without going out of your way.

    I think I am going to try the Diva Cup as well. lol

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