Bike to work day

Thursday is Bike to Work Day, so get on those 2-wheelers and get pedaling.

Actually, it’s Bike to Work Week, so any day will be great!


About Terra Milo

Terra Milo is Your Computer Girl. She believes that technology runs on energy, so when you're creating websites and emails, you are literally sending energy to your potential clients. Make sure that energy is confident, positive, and enlightening! Terra teaches coaches and entrepreneurs all the computer skills they need to launch their business and spread their mission in the world. From websites to newsletters to social media, she will empower you with skills and confidence so you can infuse your messages with inspiration and love.

4 thoughts on “Bike to work day

  1. Oh I wasn’t aware of this. I’ll plug this on Twitter to remind folks to get their bikes out. By the way the post on my blog today is all about the book “All The Way Home” by everyone’s favorite Akron writer David Giffels 😉

  2. If you live within biking distance from work, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t (barring bad weather and such). Of course, I wear whatever I want to work, but would probably less inclined to if I had to wear a suit or something less restricting. In fact, I live about 2 miles from work and get there quicker than I do driving.

  3. I used to work 7 miles from work, fourteen round trip. I rode my bike for a year in all weather. I packed my workclothes in a plastic bag and put them in my back pack. I gave myself enough time to get to work, clean up in the restroom and be ready for work. I too got to work and home faster than car traffic. AND I got a great workout and saved a ton of money. Unfortunately now my work route is along a 3 mile skinny country road with no shoulder. It would be suicide to ride my bike to work now. But if I could I would do it in a second. As soon as there is a safer route I will be a peddler once again. To all the commuter bikers out there, right on!!!!!

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