I ate at VegiTerranean on Friday…

It was wonderful! Here is their new site, complete with lunch and dinner menus.

I took my husband there for his birthday, and it was well worth it. We started with the grilled artichoke appetizer, which he said was his favorite. Next was bread, which was so soft, it melted in your mouth. I had the Fresh Linguini with Portabella and Wild Mushroom Ragu. Amazing! The sauce was so fresh, you could still taste the wine flavor. (When we cook with wine, the flavor is never that intense.) He had the special, which was a Root Vegetable Risotto. The sauce had an earthy, nutty taste, which really highlighted the vegetables’ rich flavor.

For dessert, we had a raspberry-infused chocolate cupcake and some other chocolate cake with a butter cream frosting. The latter was better, although both were rich and delicious.

If you go, bring your appetite and your credit card. It’s not a cheap date. The lunch prices are a little better.
Based on the menu, I was expecting a more plush, warm environment. It was “modern,” I guess, with steel tables and lots of silver, black and light purple colors. Our waiter was friendly. I was glad to see the place was packed. If you didn’t have reservations, you weren’t getting in before 8:30 on Friday night.

We’ll be back for special occasions.


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12 thoughts on “I ate at VegiTerranean on Friday…

  1. That sounds like a wonderful place to eat. I am wishing we had one of those here in Portland Oregon. Today is my birthday and I would love to be wined and dined at the VegiTerranean. I would love to cook some of those dishes you were decribing. I might have to try to find some close recipes.
    It’s making me hungry right now. Time for a carrot, celery drink I guess. Thanks for sharing, again!

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  3. At the bottom of the menu, it explains that Gardein is a type of fake meat product. “Gardein – “Garden grown protein”.” Not actual meat, but I’ve heard that it tastes pretty close to the real thing.

  4. To keep your bill within reason, avoid the wine and the desserts. A cupcake will cost you 8 bucks! I asked why, and the reason is they are made off site at West Side Bakery, so they have to charge more in order to make a profit. The pizza for $10.50 comes with a huge salad and is certainly enough for two or will allow you to take a substantial portion home. The wine was pricey by the glass full — maybe a bottle would be more reasonable. Will have to check it out. Nothing wrong with water, however!

    I had the steak panini made from the Gardein and it was really good. Better than I remember actual meat ever being, as you don’t run into those bits of gristle and fat that remind you of what you are actually eating.

  5. The desserts definitely killed us! But, hey, it was his birthday. He had a beer, and I had water. The beer was big, so it was worth it.

    The pizza is a great option. Maybe next time.

    I didn’t try the Gardein stuff because I’m not that into fake meat – I never really liked the taste. I’m glad they have that option on the menu, to serve all tastes.

  6. Jaynova,
    It’s amazingly delicious. I would definitely try it. It’s pretty much the same prices as Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill. But much better food!

  7. I had to smile at the beer was ‘big’. That is funny. I am so looking forward to going there when I come visit next, hopefully not to far in the distant future. I am going to search for a place like that here.

  8. my bad! thanks for pointing that out. i thought gardein was a typo! my wife and i have been thinking aobut going there but we were waiting for them to post the menu online.
    btw, eventhough i am anonymous, i like your site 🙂

  9. hello, i am a resident employee at vegiterranean. Glad to see you enjoyed our food and restaurant. I know everyone is looking forward to summer when we can open up the outdoor patios and do seating there also! Just to let everyone know our coffee shop is now open from 7:30am-3pm and we serve vegan muffins, biscotti, cookies etc as well as organic coffee, hot chocolate, chai tea as well as a large variety of teas, both hot and cold. Its all wonderful and I highly recommend the VT Power Bar, its a bit sweet but very good. Hope you come back to visit soon! =]

  10. Thanks Lily. We checked out the coffee bar while we were there, and the prices were lower than (or the same as) other coffee joints. I bet VegiTerranean uses more environmentally and socially responsible coffees.

    We’ll be back in the summer for our anniversary, and to eat outside.

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