ReCELLcle Phones

(My husband did me a huge favor and wrote this post.)

It’s estimated that there an astronomical 500 million unused cell phones stranded throughout the United States. I feel somewhat sorry for these many cell phones, especially the ones that find themselves toxically dissolving in landfills, where they emit harmful lead into the atmosphere and ground.

So, what to do? Simple. Really simple. RECYCLE your cell phones.

Sites such as Recellular provide a clear selection of options regarding cell phone recycling. Cell phones can be used to raise money for schools or charities. Donating your cell phone is quite simple and FREE! Recellular will ship you the necessary box and will pay for postage. All you have to do is find a way to the Post Office.

NPR most recently aired a story explaining the dangers of cell phone waste and the ease in which to recycle the phones. As stated in the story, the pieces that make up a cell phone are 100% recyclable—the screens, key pads and internal organs. What an efficient product – completely recyclable after use! The EPA has launched a campaign to make consumers more aware of this opportunity.


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6 thoughts on “ReCELLcle Phones

  1. My students recycle cell phones, ink and laser cartridges for points/cash. We’ve gotten a new camcorder that way and are working on getting a new computer. We pack the recyclables reusing boxes and packaging that would otherwise go in the school dumpster.

    It is shocking how little is recycled in most of our local schools.

  2. Village Green, that is awesome! What a great place to encourage cell phone recycling. I will definitely pass idea this along to my teacher-friends.

  3. I am so glad you did this post. I have so many cell phones floating around in my home. Every so often I think of tossing them in the garbage but I just couldn’t do it. Now I know that there is a place for them. I really had no idea. I think that is most of the problem, people just don’t really know.

  4. Donny, Have you been to the Akron Art museum? I think Chris Jordan had a few pictures there. They were very memorable. It was nice that his art was given a whole room in the museum.

    Thanks for sharing. Everyone should take a look at his page. It’s easy to throw something away and forget about it. Everything ends up somewhere.

  5. The best I have found is . They clear your personal data (pictures, numbers, text messages) and you can print postage directly from their site and just drop it in the mail It’s easy and they accept our older phones as well and give them to a good cause and keep the material out of the landfill.

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