Hydrogen cars – not really. Hydrogen trains – maybe.

Hydrogen cars have been proposed as a way to wean ourselves off oil. However, the process to create a hydrogen fuel source is just as expensive and energy intensive for cars as it is to use gas. Additionally, there would have to be a new fueling infrastructure for cars. The benefit of hydrogen is that the only byproduct is water. That’s a big benefit.

Hydrogen power is a more logical choice for trains. Therefore, Ontario, Canada, is working with Bombadier to build a hydrogen train.

Hydrogen trains are a good idea because only the train stations have to be modified for the new fuel. The hydrogen for the Ontario train will probably come from “excess baseload power from two nuclear plants that conveniently lie along that very line.” Nuclear has its issues too, but there is a possibility of using Canada’s coastline to harness wind power, which could be used to create the hydrogen.

Hydrogen is now made from natural gas (methane), petroleum, coal, various chemical reactions, and from biomass (landfill waste, wastewater sludge, and livestock waste).” But, it can be made from renewable resources.


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2 thoughts on “Hydrogen cars – not really. Hydrogen trains – maybe.

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  2. Hydrogen for trains?! What a great idea! It does not make sense at all for cars–given the production of the fuel, transport of the fuel, and storage in the cars themselves. Trains on the other hand have plenty of storage room, etc.

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