Build your own electric car

An Alaskan teenager has converted his 1971 VW Super Beetle to an electric car. As part of shop class, Bart learned about electric cars, and decided to try it out with his VW Beetle. He is posting his progress on Austin EV. Here is everything you need to know to build your own electric car! You can actually use golf cart batteries, and the cost of conversion is generally around $4,000-6,000.

If you would rather buy one, here are the top ten electric cars you can buy now (kind of).

Electric cars cost about $.50 a day to drive. That’s less than $15 a month. Anyone pay $15 a month for gas? Also, maintenance is a breeze. All that’s required is to fill the batteries with water, and keep everything clean. No oil changes, no spark plugs, no heater core, no exhaust system, no catalytic converter… need I go on?

electricI’ve driven an electric car, the 1980 Renault Lectric Leopard – originally called LeCar (photo). It was honestly one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen. I considered buying it, but it had a few quirks. The brakes on the car I drove were really tough. I’m not sure if that’s usual. They generally don’t have heat, because heat is generated by the combustion engine, which electric cars don’t have. There are a few ways to solve this – you could buy a heater that plugs into the cigarette lighter, or heat the interior before you drive. Anyway, it wasn’t a practical decision for me at this time, so I settled for a Hybrid. I believe in electric cars, and I love to see more people converting to electric. (Ideally, you would have a renewable source of energy for your home, and plug your car into that.)


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4 thoughts on “Build your own electric car

  1. I sure hope I win the lottery. I would love to convert my cars over to electric. Great information. I am going to be sure that your brother sees this site. He’s pretty busy playing stay at home Mr Mom right now but it is something he should study up on for when his kiddlings are both in school. I like the idea alot. Thanks again!

  2. Every time I read about electric cars, I think about Daniel. It would be so perfect for him, and he could do it so easily! All he would need is the equipment to lift the car’s current engine system out. The rest can be done by hand. The Renault Lectric Leopard I drove was rebuilt and fixed up in the guy’s garage. Daniel lives in the perfect market to start a car-conversion business too!

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