What not to feed a dog

Try not to let your furry friend munch on these goodies. They can cause major problems for dogs.

  • IMG_6351Alcohol (and yeast) – can cause a coma
  • Coffee – increased heart rate and seizures
  • Chocolate – dark or milk can cause vomiting and death
  • Macadamia nuts -temporary paralysis in the hind legs
  • Garlic – breaks down red blood cells causing anemia and kidney failure
  • Onions – damages hemoglobin. Small bits at a time have a dangerous cumulative effect.
  • Grapes (and raisins) – renal failure

I’m sure lots of dogs have had a little of at least one of these, but it’s best to avoid them now that we know.

National Geographic


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14 thoughts on “What not to feed a dog

  1. That is an interesting list. I know my dogs have eaten grapes and raisens and occasionally an onion, when it falls on the floor in the kitchen when I am cooking. I would like to know about ice cream. My dogs ask for dessert, literally, every night around 8 to 830. So, I aways make sure to get up and go get a serving for each of us to have and they get to lick the bowls. They are two 80 lb labs, very spoiled labs! Thanks for the info Terra.

  2. That is a great picture! Our ice cream is coffee or vanilla. Sometimes I put ‘Baileys’ on the top of our ice cream. That seems to be when they love it so much they almost eat the bowl too.

  3. I would definitely avoid the coffee and Baileys from now on! I’m glad they’re ok, but it seems that some of these things add up over time, so they shouldn’t have even a little bit.

    Try sherbet. It’s made with fruit juice instead of heavy cream or milk so it doesn’t have as much fat either. Since it’s not made of milk, it might be better for keeping cholesterol lower too.

  4. I’ll see what they think about that. They really are not even getting very much. We do scrap our bowl pretty good before they get it. I think it’s just the thought for them.

  5. If it’s just the thought, they should be fine with the sherbet. Orange sherbet is delicious! There are lots of flavors for them to choose from.

  6. Thanks for the list Terra! Yes, my dog has gotten a thing or two on the list on at least one occasion. However, I noticed that she will not eat a grape when it falls to the floor but she does play soccer with it. She dribbles it like a soccer ball until it ends up in the couch, where we find it days or weeks later.

    With the occasional exception I try to keep my pooch on a strict dog food only diet. I do give into her begging once in a while but I try to remember that not indulging her is what is best for her in the long run.

  7. Your last point is the best! We sometimes let our dog enjoy the vegetables we’re cooking – carrots, green beans, etc. I wonder if it’s bad to treat them with veggies. It seems harmless, and since I don’t really know what’s in her dog bones, I feel ok with giving her veggies for a treat.

    I had a dog who tried to eat grapes, and when they popped in her mouth, she would jump back! She was very cautious about grapes. Funny grape stories.

  8. Just bought some brewers yeast with garlic for my terrier. Advertised as actually strenghing the dogs health and repelling parasites.

  9. Petey, What is the ratio of the breers yeast with garlic ingredients. I have an old man dog, 80 lb ~ 11 year old black lab and an 80 lb ~ 1 1/2 year old black lab. I love the natural, home made stuff.

  10. I’d be careful with the yeast-garlic thing. Call your vet first. Those are 2 of the things on the list – they can cause comas and kidney failure.

  11. I’m going to call my vet this morning (fleas), so I’m going to ask about garlic for dogs. I’ll let you know what she says.

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