High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Sugar

Which is better, high fructose corn syrup or sugar? The Good Human provides a good breakdown of the difference.

Essentially, high fructose corn syrup (hfcs) is a manufactured product. Several corn syrups undergo a process to increase their fructose. It’s a lot less expensive than sugar, and lasts longer.

In soda, it has been found that by using HFCS instead of pure sugar it can make the soda 10 times richer in harmful carbonyl compounds. According to one study, carbonyl compounds are elevated in people with diabetes and are blamed for causing diabetic complications such as foot ulcers and eye and nerve damage.

Sugar is a natural product, derived from cane sugar. It is fresher, hence the shorter shelf life. It has not been altered to the extent of HFCS. Sugar is also processed differently by our bodies. It’s not necessarily better, because it stimulates the liver to release more fat into the bloodstream.

So what’s the answer? It would be best to avoid both hfcs and sugar whenever possible. I prefer a natural product, so I avoid HFCS as much as I can in favor of sugar.


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2 thoughts on “High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Sugar

  1. This article should be read by Audrae Erickson, President of the Corn Refiners Association, Washington, D.C. Ms. Erickson responded to an article (Oct’07) in The Environmental Magazine written by Jim Motavalli called “Hold the Sugar and Salt”. She states that “HFCS, like sugar and honey, is natural. HFCS is made from 100 percent corn syrup, contains no artificial ingredients or color additives and meets the FDA’s policy of the term “natural”. Both sugar and HFCS contain 4 calories per gram.” Wouldn’t you say she should pay the corn refiners a visit and maybe she will become enlightened (no calories)?

  2. Sharon, I agree. It’s pretty sad that a processed chemical like HFCS is defined as “natural” by the FDA. Corn has to go through a much more complicated process to become High Fructose than sugar does. I’ll stick with the less-processed foods.

    I hope people remember her title when they read her words. She has an agenda, which is to protect her employer. We have to be skeptical now, even when it comes to food.

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