Farm Aid

farmaidFarm Aid was started in 1985 by Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp to raise awareness about family farms, and to raise money for farmers. For 22 years, they’ve been having concerts to educate people about the value of the American family farm.

This year’s concert, held on Sept. 9th in New York City, featured 21 bands. Vendors provided fresh, local food to satisfy the growing demand for healthy, non-factory farm, non-hormone-laced food.

cowsAmerica’s family farms face many challenges from bird flu to genetic engineering, globalization to factory farms. We can help family farms by buying local food, teaching kids how to grow food, and being aware of where our food comes from. Factory farms are producing hormone and antibiotic-laden meat and chemically-produced vegetables that have an adverse effect on our health, which costs billions in the health care industry. Helping family farms helps everyone.

Check out Food Routes, or Local Harvest to find farmers markets near you.


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2 thoughts on “Farm Aid

  1. I agree – It is so gratifying to be able to purchase locally and to know that we can support our local agri-business owners. We purchase locally whenever we can.

    Another idea for helping us to connect with our rural partners is to attend the State Fair. I attended my first Ohio State Fair this summer (my husband wanted to share a childhood experience with us). We really enjoyed asking (livestock) farmers about their animals and lifestyle and I hope they didn’t mind our goofy questions!

  2. Sharon,
    Absolutely! It is so nice to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. I noticed that all my summer California peaches ended up mealy and gross. I bet they were frozen so they would last longer in transport. So, even though the OH or PA peaches are a little smaller, I will only buy Ohio or PA fruit. It just tastes better! Not to mention the lower transportation pollution and supporting local farmers. (most of the OH fruit and veggies we get are from Amish country, I think)

    That’s a great idea to attend the State Fair, or even county fairs. I will keep that suggestion in mind next summer! I bet the farmers love answering questions – they probably love what they do, so they want to share it with people.

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