VegiTerranean, Metro Living, Save the Civic

vegiYesterday, we had the Akron experience. We toured Akron’s Metro Living, saw the opening ceremonies of VegiTerranean (actually opens in late October), and attended the rockin’ Akron Civic Theatre benefit concert featuring Chrissie Hynde and Friends.

The Metro Living Tour was interesting, but slightly disappointing for a few reasons. We wanted to take the shuttle, but it never seemed to be available, so we had to drive from place to place. None of the “homes” were taking advantage of advances in renewable energy. There are so many chances to utilize solar power, which will be the norm in 10 years. If you want to be cutting-edge, you’ve got to reach out to the future. The Northside Lofts were ultimate high-class. There was a TV in every room. Coming from a 1-TV house, this was a little extreme. On a positive note, the color schemes were really nice. Spicer Village will be very cool when it opens in 2008. Rooftop gardens!

Next was the opening of VegiTerranean. We walked up as Chrissie Hynde was putting on an outdoor concert. Her voice is absolutely moving. It was a very energetic event! There was a food sampling expo featuring Akron restaurants. Strangely, it was all meat except for VegiTerranean. If you’re having a vegetarian restaurant opening, don’t you bring your vegetarian dish? We didn’t eat. But, the menu for VegiTerranean was extensive, so it should be a nice place to enjoy a good meal.

It’s great to see Akron renovating and trying to rebuild this great city. The views from the Exchange St. dorm make you realize how beautiful our city really is. We have great people here who really care about the city, and their efforts are to be commended. I look forward to seeing Akron’s revitalization in the coming years.

The benefit concert was incredible! My husband’s cousins are in The Diffi Cult, which opened the show, followed by 6 other bands. (I also really liked Pat Sweeney and The Numbers Band) Then, Chrissie Hynde again. She came out in her PETA t-shirt. It was excellent! The whole crowd essentially had to applaud PETA. (her boots, by the way, were made by Stella McCartney) While I am a Person for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, I tend to disagree with some of the tactics and statements by Peta, so even I was a little uncomfortable (I’ll elaborate in the comments). Her set was incredible! Again, what a voice! Finally… Jerry Lee Lewis. They rolled out the piano and the rock legend was escorted onto the stage by Akron legend Chrissie Hynde. His set was so fun and energetic. We had a great view of the shadow of his hands on the piano. What a night! The whole stage was rockin’ and people were dancing in their seats. It was a great show in Akron. I hope to see more fun events like this at the Akron Civic Theatre. Thanks to our good family for the tickets!


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9 thoughts on “VegiTerranean, Metro Living, Save the Civic

  1. Why no PETA link? While I agree with their overall goal, I dislike some of their tactics and statements. I don’t like to see pictures of animals in cages, etc. Maybe some people need to see that to realize what happens in the testing industry and factory farms, but it’s unpleasant. I also really loved Steve Irwin, and PETA said something really negative about him when he died, which I think was wrong. He taught children to love animals, and anyone who can do that deserves the utmost praise from an animal-loving group. I’ve also read that they don’t think people should have pets. My pets bring so much joy to my life, and me to theirs. To have a life without dogs and cats would be a lot less enjoyable. I think PETA should be commended for the positive things they do, but overall, I think we can learn more from having a more educated appreciation and respect for animals, without the negativity.

  2. I agree with you re PETA. I prefer to donate to the Humane Society. However, I do admit to not being able to suppress feelings of “serves them right” when PETA targets people wearing furs.

  3. I too think it is great that Akron is focusing on rejuvenating its city. Long overdue…

    I’m from Toronto but lived in Northeast Ohio for 4 years. My husband is from Ohio. When he first introduced me to his home town I could not get over all the beautiful natural resources and homes in this city. There is so much in Akron to be appreciated.

    It is too bad you weren’t as impressed with the logistics of this home show, but I hope events like this hope to improve the economic vitality of this wonderful part of Ohio.

    I’ll be posting about this on my blog – Thanks for making so many people aware – I’ll do my part!

  4. Village Green,
    I agree!

    I think the Metro Living Tour will get a lot of people excited about new home opportunities in Akron. And it shows the investment the city is making, which is wonderful. I did the Northside Art Walk a few weeks ago, and I think that just blew me away. Of course, the trolley had fewer stops on the art walk, so a delay was expected for the home tour. It was just such a long delay. By comparison, the home tour wasn’t as impressive, for me. It was a still a clear, beautiful day to be in Akron, and the energy of the city was exciting.

  5. Hi Terra – I’ve posted about your site and the Akron Metro Living Tour. I’m glad I found your blog. I’ll be a regular since you and others help to keep me connected to NE Ohio until we return!

  6. What a small world! I don’t know David Giffels but know of him as I followed his columns for a few years until he left. Thank you for the “tidbit” – what an experience. I look forward to the book!

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