What do you think of when you see or hear the word ‘organic’?


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8 thoughts on “Curious

  1. I think most people think of weirdo hippy food, vegetarian stuff, etc. Really, it’s just food that is grown more naturally, without chemical fertilizers. It’s nothing to be afraid of.

  2. Marketing – since up until a few years ago there was virtually no real regulation of it and even today it is limited at best. Not to mention that most of the organic product lines are owned by the same major conusmer products groups as the non-organic varieties.

    This of course does not stop me from buying it, because I generally do prefer it all the same.

  3. It has definitely become more of a marketing word now that the US took over the certification, unfortunately. I had faith in the California Organic seal, but when the US assumed control, the standards loosened, and allow factory farms to get organic certification easier. Like you, I’ll still buy it, especially if it’s close in price to the non-organic.

    The best option is local organic.

  4. The problem with local “organic” though is that below certain size farm there is there is often no regulation as to whether or not it really is organic – I can specifically think of one farm I know of the sells “organic” and “homegrown” products they know not to be.
    But, on the whole, I do enjoy buying local stuff during the summer especially.

  5. This word has been devalued by marketing just like Mike has said.

    I used to think that Amish grown produce in my area (Ohio) was “organic” til I discovered that they use chemicals and have a high cancer rate

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